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2012 ahead – and much needed R&R in Oslo…

Hello 2012!

Finally it’s the year that the Olympics return to London – hopefully I’ll be in the thick of it all as I managed to secure a job at one of the Accreditation Centres in London itself this summer – looking forward to it immensely.

However – that’s some 7 or so months into the future, in the meantime I have other projects to focus on.  I’ve just finished Semester 1 of my first year at the University of Worcester.  Whether or not I’ve done any good, I am yet to gauge, but hopefully I should get some feedback in the next week or so.

To get away from the hectic runaround of life in England I hopped on a plane back to what is rapidly becoming my second home over the past few years, Oslo in Norway.After a short stop-over to visit a friend in London (and to make sure I didn’t miss my early morning flight from Stansted) – I went from a comfortable +11℃ to an equally comfortable (thanks to the dryness of the air) -6℃, and quite a bit of snow at Sandefjord Airport.

A quick 90 minute train journey in the well-appointed (and cheap) First Class section of an NSB Train (the free coffee was a Godsend) and I found myself in the best small capital city in the world, Oslo.

Met up with some old friends (props to Anya, Bjørn, Wendy & Dave for making it a good trip over), and some new ones – including fellow blogger and English ex-pat David Nikel.  His entertaining site about the trials and tribulations of forging a life in the Norwegian Capital can be found here.  I urge you give it a read on a regular basis – as it’s a pretty good resource for anyone visiting the place for the first time.

Most nights were spent relaxing with a couple of beers in various old haunts around the city – and of course, watching sport!  Thankfully I managed to keep up to date with the NFL Playoffs via the gift of an Internet Stream on my new MacBook Pro (which should prove more than useful moving ahead at University).

Normality struck home on Monday morning when I made the long trip back to England.  Thankfully Gatwick seemed to lose it’s utter cluster**** status when we managed to reach a Gate within 5 minutes of landing, through Passport Control within 15 minutes, and only waiting 20 minutes for the bags to reappear in Reclaim.

However, one thing I was not counting on was the temperature.  I went from being nice and comfortable with a dry -7℃ in Oslo (with little moisture in the air) – to a positively lung freezing -1℃ courtesy of the UK weather.  The train journey passed off with no incident (despite a 55 minute wait at Reading for the connection back west) and I walked through the door early Monday evening – having left the flat in Oslo at just before 9am CET that same morning.  Beer and supply of snus was unpacked, and I immediately fell asleep in my own bed for the next 14 hours…

No time to rest on the laurels though, refereeing a University football match tomorrow (chance to try out the new Umbro kit), followed by a house party and late beer with some of the other Worcester Royals (the University’s American Football team for whom I do most of the game filming for) concluding with a West Midlands League game on Saturday.

Finally – going back to the opening part about the Olympics this summer – there is still no sign of my Wiff-Waff Tickets turning up despite the assurances of Boris Johnson that the event would be the highlight of the Games…

University Countdown: 12 days and counting…



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