Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Chris and I currently live in the Faithful City of Worcester, in the United Kingdom (we’re about 45 minutes south of Birmingham by train).

I’m currently studying a Computing Degree at the University of Worcester (started in September 2011) with the aim of getting a career/job in Norway if I graduate in a few years!

I like travel, beer, computing (of course), most sports (apart from tennis) – which is good as I’m due to be working at the Olympics in London in the summer/autumn of 2012, and film.

I follow NHL (Ice Hockey), NFL and Football (Soccer to the Americans amongst yourselves), following the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL, the Tennessee Titans in the NFL, and Vålerenga IF (Oslo) and Bohemian FC (Dublin) in Football.

Whether or not this gets updated on a regular basis is yet to be seen, but I hope it’ll prove a semi-interesting chronicle to look back on in future.

Please note – This site is mainly to complement my writings on football of all descriptions, current affairs, the price of beer, or any other random nonsense that may spring forth. Most of what you read here is my own stream of consciousness, random observations and inane ramblings. If you feel the need, you can contact me via email on the link at the top of this page.



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